Meet Rob

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To communicate my fishing experiences and qualifications to potential sponsors, customers and trade suppliers whose products I believe in, use and promote on a continual basis. Teach someone to fish and win tournaments. 


  • Age: 56 - Married 34 years with two daughters
  • Certified USCG Captain

Club and Organization Affiliations

  • SKA –
  • National Redfish League –
  • RFA recreational Fishing Alliance 
  • CCA Coastal Conservation Association



IMG 2489I have been fishing and piloting boats for over 30 years in the offshore waters. During this time I have been in contact with some of the best fisherman and captains on the east cost.I have learned many techniques, migratory patterns of several species of saltwater fish. I work with many environmental and coastal fish habitat programs, fishing clubs and organizations like the CCA, RFA, and the North Carolina Legislature to improve fish stocks and education of our sport. I began competitive fishing in the early 80’s. I have established myself as top qualifier in the Southern Kingfish Yamaha Professional and Mercury Tournament Trail. In my spare time I perform fishing seminars, work at boat and tackle shows. I do these things in order to promote and educate people on the sport of fishing. 

TV shows, Commercials and Training Videos for Mako Boat

Publications, Articles and Interviews

Off the Water 

IMG 2525I also perform promotional work at fishing, boat, and trade shows for my sponsors. In the quest for upgrading my personal fishing career, I have compiled this resume to introduce myself and a list of my accomplishments in the saltwater fishing world. I have had many opportunities to be on Prostaffs and field testing teams for many products. I will not take a sponsorship just to put a patch on my shirt or wear a hat or put on a few free products in my boat. I must believe in the product or service and I am willing to work for that sponsor by using the products or services, to promote them, and increase sales, which in any business is the bottom line.

My approach to fishing and my work ethic is intense. I research satellite data, check the internet, read the papers, and investigate the weather and the seasonal patterns of every tournament I am going to fish. This along with a communication line to other top professionals like myself allows me to finish on top of the leader boards repeatedly.

I approach each tournament with high expectation. I approach marketing the products and services I am sponsored by with the same intensity. I will go the extra mile to assure a prospective customer of the positive attributes of the products or services I represent. You can also watch me and the crew of the Mad Mouse on your local outdoor channel weekly on the TV show “Fishing the Trail”, as well as American Outdoors. Visit my website to find a listing time in your area.

Thank you for taking the time to read my resume and good fishing to you.