Boat Review Mako’s ProSkiff Series

The Pro Skiff series of boats impressed me from the first look. The full liner hull and high gloss finish work is unheard of in this class of boat. The nonskid texture and molded in raised casting platforms in the bow and stern give two anglers plenty of uncluttered room to fish or work from.

I was even more impressed when I climbed aboard and got behind the helm for my first ride. These skiffs are truly remarkable boats. As a fun family runabout, roomy fishing boat or a supper stable work boat, these series of Mako boats are a chip of the old block of Mako heritage. The foam filled advanced inverted V hull delivered the best ride I have ever had in a skiff style boat. The boat handled extremely well in light wind chop. The ride was soft, very responsive and held its line in a tight turn. If there was any water spray from the bow area I never felt it.

Visit the Mako web site to see more information and videos.


Boat Review Mako 21LTS

The New 21 LTS Mako is obviously built with all the past 47 years of knowledge gained from the offshore series and the inshore series rolled into one. The fit and finish is unmistakably Mako with the comfort and room of all its predecessors, and the handling and quick to plane RPS hull is something way ahead of its time. As a tournament fisherman, I have never had too much storage… the storage typically less than ideal in boats of this category. Though after loading the boat for my first tournament event, I actually had several areas in the boat with nothing in them!

The boat handles shallow water as well as rough choppy conditions with ease and a true sense of confidence. The RPS hull allows the boat to achieve plane in seconds with little to no bow rise. This can be done in extremely shallow water and allows the boat to run on plane in even less. It maneuvers like its on rails with very responsive handling in tight turns, as well as very comfortable flat ride in heavy bay chop and stiff winds.

After you have had enough of the boats running performance and its time slow down and go fishing, is when the boat shines the most. The large raised casting platforms both fore and aft are extremely roomy and the wide stance makes maneuvering around the boat easy unnoticeable. The boat is very responsive using a trolling around the mangroves or around your favorite set of cypress stumps. The boat can be rigged right from the factory with everything a tournament angler needs, from a Polling platform on the stern to a raised sight casting platform on the bow. It is easy to see this boat is designed with the experienced angler in mind.

Visit the Mako web site to see more information and videos.


Boat Review Mako 18LTS

The Mako 18LTS fits so many needs it is hard to describe just a few. The boat performs with the agility of small runabout and has all the characteristics of a fine flats boat. This boat is comfortable in fresh or saltwater and gives the operator the ability to fish for Largemouth Bass one day and chase Redfish and Flounder the next. It is light and easy to maneuver both on the water and the highways. Whether you are poling the flats or trolling thru the lily pads the hull is quiet enough to not spook your pray and stable enough to give all anglers great comfort. Its wide stance allows two or more anglers to move around the boat freely without any roll.

On those days when Mother Nature turns the switch and the wind picks up you have the assurance that the boat can handle the rough chop and waves like a much larger boat to get you back to the ramp in comfort. Visit the Mako web site to see more information and videos.


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